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25 Sep Francisco’s Nissan SUV Apex NC

Meet Francisco: Francisco lives in Apex and his wife drives a Nissan Xterra. She brought her SUV to Peak Auto to diagnose and repair a rumbling noise coming from the rear at 40 mph. Peak Auto’s expert technician diagnosed the vehicle as a faulty/damaged rear…

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22 Sep Saturday Oil Change Car NC

Why should I NOT get my oil changed on Saturday? This is a good question that I am sure most people have NOT asked themselves. Start with the pros… I have time because I am not working. Alright that’s about it for the pros so…

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21 Sep Oil Change Stickers Cary NC

Oil change stickers in window, again? Yes, again. With vehicles computers having oil change reminders built in, it has been a long time since we at Peak Auto have put oil change stickers in windows for every oil change. The newer the engine the more…