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Mercedes Benz E class Service Cary NC

Meet Christine: Christine drives a Mercedes Benz E500 and brought her Mercedes to Peak Auto last week for the first time. Christine’s concern was a creaking noise while turning the steering wheel. Christine dropped off her Mercedes Benz E500 in the morning and by 5:00 o’clock it was ready to be picked-up.


Mercedes Benz vehicles are notorious for creaking noises coming from the ball-joints in the suspension. This issue is not a factory defect but simply a result of a design characteristic. The front lower ball-joints on a Mercedes Benz hold most of the vehicles weight and they have to be able to pivot as well as flex in every direction. Ball inside of a joint = ball joint. This ball-joint is packed with grease and does not have a service port to “lube”. In fact most modern vehicles have gotten away from the “lubing” aspect of service. Maybe they realized that no one was actually performing the “lube” part of the lube and oil change service for $39.99.


While Christine’s Mercedes Benz E500 was in for the repair on the ball-joints, Peak Auto’s expert technician performed a detailed 50 point inspection for her Mercedes and documented that the E500 needed a transmission service as well as front brake pads and rotors, since the brake pads measured at only 3mm of thickness.  Everything else looked just great on Christine’s Mercedes Benz. Christine decided to have her transmission serviced but to hold off on the brakes for now. Her Mercedes Benz repair and service was performed by Peak Auto, her vehicle washed and we hope to see Christine back in a month or two for those brakes.


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  • Damion young

    Thanks for sharing such post with us. Mercedes Benz E500 is a very unique model and like other machines it also needed maintenance at a regular interval. If it is maintained at a regular basis, it could run for a long distance. Another thing is that the servicing should be done near ASE certified servicing centers. As they are well trained and has much more experience than that of ordinary one. In some cases ordinary servicing centers provides you very low price offers in order to attract you. But one should not diverted toward such chief offers and should do some research on the servicing center before going there for servicing his vehicle.

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