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AC Service and Repair

Auto AC Service and Repair:

Peak Auto is a leader in the Cary and Apex area for AC service and repair of all vehicle AC system types. Auto AC service and repair can be complicated and requires a licensed mechanic to perform. Look to Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall to service your vehicles air-conditioner or climate control. If your car’s AC does not blow cold, or your SUV’s air conditioner does not blow at all, you need this fixed to make it through the very hot and humid North Carolina summers. Your Minivan A/C may blow cold but not cold enough. Make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning is working at its maximum strength and the most efficient it can.

AC Service and Repair

A standard A/C service starts with an A/C performance check. In this check we begin by evacuating all of the refrigerant out of your cars A/C system. We then weigh all the refrigerant that was in the system. If the weight is just under the spec, then a little probably escaped as the SUV was being driven. Our expert technician would simply vacuum out all remaining refrigerant and any air in the A/C system, then fill it with correct amount of refrigerant. If too much refrigerant is in the system, then the gas cannot expand enough to get cold and the A/C will not work properly. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, the A/C compressor will not turn on, or will not be able to compress enough R134 gas to cool down the vehicle properly.

AC System Leaks:

If your minivan’s A/C system did not have any refrigerant in it all, or a lot was missing, then you have a leak. Our technicians will add a U/V dye to the R134 gas when charging or filling your system. We will then use special colored glasses and a U/V light to look for the dye escaping out of the system. The leak may be spotted right away or it may require you to drive your vehicle, with the A/C working temporarily, for a few months, for enough of the dye to be seen and the leak spotted. When this is done, Peak Auto will be able to quote you the cost to fix the leak.