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A/C Service in Cary NC

Cary North Carolina get very hot and humid in the summer but even on a spring or Fall or rainy day is is always great to be able to switch on the climate control of your BMW to cool and dry the cabin air. If you are new to this area you will be surprised to see a lot of yellow/green dust on your car, the ground, and on the road during the Spring in North Carolina. Make sure you do not leave your house doors open or role down your minivan windows during this 3 to 4 week period. The mess the yellow dust or pollen will make will keep you cleaning for the whole summer just trying to get rid of it.

A/C Service Cary NC

In the Fall in Cary NC it rains a lot. To help keep your SUV’s windows from fogging up, turn on your A/C. Even if it is cold outside and you need your heat to run as well, this will allow you to see while you drive. Cary North Carolina is unique with our changes of weather and climate. Think of the Triangle area of where North meats South. The Northern weather from Canada fights against the Southern weather from the Caribbean. These two forced constantly battle it out right in front of our eyes on a day to day basis. This is why we can have a 74 degree February and the very next day drop to 30 at night. If you live in Cary NC or are new to the area and have not visited Peak Auto for your Cars A/C needs, call us today for an appointment to schedule an A/C performance check to make sure your Cars Air conditioning is working at its most efficient state.