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R134 Ozone Layer Earth

R134 Ozone layer for planet earth has not been talked about recently. A few years ago we all believed that there was a hole in the ozone layer. The world band together and decided to fix this problem and we did. Now a days we have another issue called global warming or climate change. Yes, we can fix this problem as well. Whether you believe in climate change or not, it is probably a good idea for us to take care of our local environment by not littering, vandalizing, or polluting the air. Modern vehicles pollute less then they ever have and also get better fuel economy. This is moving the world forward with technology and a dedication to a cause.


AC Blows Cold with R134

When it come to your cars AC and the ozone the refrigerant that was used years ago to cool your SUV on a hot summer day was called R12. The scientist at that time believed that releasing R12 into the air had a direct effect on the depletion of the ozone layer. This scientist and politicians convinced the world that R12 was a hazard to human civilization. So much so, that R12 was completely eliminated and banned form House air-conditioner, to refrigerators, and to the A/C in your neighbor minivan. The hole world agreed to switch to a newly formulated gas call R134.

R134 vs. R12

R134 does not expand as much as R12, therefore does not cool as efficiently. But auto manufacturers were able to figure out a way to use less of it. The new key is not to put too much in the system because this would not let the R134 gas expand enough to cool properly. A common issue is that DIY’ers purchase the A/C cooling cans from an auto parts store and try and fill the system or add to what they have.

This do-it-your-self can contain sealers that can then damage a professional machine on a normal evacuation and charge of the AC system. But those TV commercials are so tempting, and AC repairs can be very expensive. At Peak Auto, conveniently located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w., we take the time to professionally evacuate and charge your system including a die to detect current and further leaks. It is important to know what is leaking or broken first, before spending the time and money replacing parts. Our expert technicians also use a sophisticated R134 gas sniffing machine to help them spot leaks along with the UV die, glasses, and light.

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