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Schedule AC Service

Schedule your AC Service today. Call Peak Auto 919-363-8589 or fill out the form below. Could your AC blow colder in your minivan? When it hits the high 90’s does you air conditioner in your SUV not keep up with the heat? Does your AC in your car not blow cold at all. All these symptoms can be properly diagnosed, quoted, and repaired. Call Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 W. in Apex NC.

At Peak Auto, we make it easy for you with same day AC service and repair, night drop box, courtesy rides, and loaner cars on request. Most AC’s just need a little extra juice, but the only way to do this is to correctly evacuate and recharge the system with the correct amount or refrigerant. You do not want to much refrigerant in your system!

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AC System works by compressing gas, cooling it, then expanding it. Too much gas in your system (if you’v tried a Do-It-You-Self kit) and the gas can not expand. It your AC gas cannot expand, it will not blow cold or cold enough. If you do not have enough gas, your AC will not blow very cold or not cold at all. Your AC system compressor needs to have enough gas int eh system to turn on. Schedule an AC system service at Peak auto and we will make sure your system is blowing cold.