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Acura Brake Fluid Flush

Acura Brake Fluid Flush:

Acura Brake Fluid flush is an important part of maintaining your braking system. The brake fluid is what flows through the system to compress the brake pads against your brake rotors. The fluid is also responsible for keeping moisture out of the system to limit corrosion and help keep your ABS (Anti-locking Brake System) from failing. Your Acura brake system will use DOT 3 fluid. When your brake fluid is new, it will not contain any moisture and the boiling point will be 205 c dry (or new) and 140 c wet (or old).

Brake fluid is made to be hygroscopic (attract moisture) and as the fluid gets old it has done its job of keeping the moisture out of the most important parts of the braking system. At this time, you will want Peak Auto right next to the Cary Auto Mall to perform an Acura brake fluid flush. The brake fluid moisture level will go from 0% new to 4% old and in this southern climate usually takes between two to three years. At Peak Auto during a normal routine Acura service, we will measure your brake fluid moisture content free of charge, to help you keep a eye on your needed maintenance.

An Acura Brake Fluid Flush will help keep your car maintained properly. In the event your brake fluid is not serviced, you may or may not feel the symptoms and can include. Soft or spongy brake pedal is one symptom easily noticed. But if your brake fluid is full of moisture, corrosion will build up inside your lines and or ABS pump module. This buildup over time can lead to a very expensive repair.


Acura Brake Fluid Flush