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Brake Fluid

Asian Brakes and Brake Fluid:

Your Asian vehicle brakes are activated by the brake fluid system. Brake Fluid is what your vehicles braking system uses to transfer the force of your brake pedal to the action of squeezing the brake pads. Brake fluid is Hydrophilic. It attracts moisture. This does not sound good, because we do not want moisture in our hydraulic systems. Actually it is very good. Because brake fluid attracts moisture, it has the ability to keep the moisture, out of the important parts.

It is very easy to “flush” brake fluid as apposed to replacing an ABS Module or brake caliper. Brake fluid comes in a variety of types. Most common in Asian and American vehicles is DOT 3 Brake Fluid. Most common in European vehicles is DOT 4 and DOT 4LV. The DOT number is partially in reference to the brake fluids boiling temperature. The LV stands for Low Viscosity or slipperiness.

DOT 3 vs. DOT 4


DOT 3 brake fluid has a lower boiling point but also does not attract moisture as much as DOT 4. DOT 3 fluid is less expensive than DOT4, and DOT4 LV is only made in one factory in the world, which is in Germany. It would seem to most people that you would wan the best brake fluid, so why not pay a little extra? At Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto mall, we believe the vehicle manufacturers have spent a lot of time and effort developing each vehicles specifications. These specifications have been tested over time, and it is our professional opinion to stick with what your vehicle manufacturer recommends.


Most American and Asian vehicle manufacturers recommend you flush your brake fluid every three years and all European vehicle manufacturers recommend you flush your brake fluid every 2 years with the correct fluid. Having a brake fluid flush as part of your routine maintenance schedule will help keep your braking system working right and lasting long. At Peak Auto, located next to the Cary Auto Mall, we measure your brake fluid moisture level for free as part of our normal service.