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Brake Caliper

Brake Calipers are what squeeze your brake pads against you vehicles brake discs/rotors. Brake Calipers in the Cary NC area normally are never replaced. If you have lived up north or your vehicle was purchased from up north, then there is a good chance you or your vehicle have had or will have to have at least one brake caliper replaced. Here at Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall, we sometimes see vehicle calipers that have “frozen” or seized-up. Typically it is on a “Northern” vehicle. A lot of dealers will buy used cars from up north and send sell them down here at a discount. The reason is that cars int he north are subject to a lot more abuse because of the weather.

If your vehicle tends to pull to one side, it could be caused by a seized brake caliper. Sometimes drivers do not notice that their vehicles brake caliper is frozen until a repair shop, such as Peak Auto cleans the brake caliper slides while doing a brake service and notices lack of movement. Replacing one brake caliper is not a terribly expensive repair, but it is extremely important because if one of your vehicle calipers is not working, than you will only be braking with three wheels.

Brake service Cary NC

Brake Calipers have a part that is bolted to the wheel hub and two parts that slide in and out. There is a brake pad on each side and the rotor is in the middle. When you apply the brakes, the caliper squeezes the brake rotor/disc with the two pads. This action creates friction and then stops the vehicle. When service your brakes, Peak Auto will ensure that your brake calipers are functioning properly every time.