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Brake Pads

Brake Pads are what create friction when squeezing your brake rotors. On the industrial side of the automotive industry, we refer to brake pads as friction material. Each vehicle manufacturer has specifications as to how much friction a brake pads should create. It is important when having your brakes replaced that your shop uses the right brake pads with the right balance between stopping power and longevity. At Peak Auto we have spent years and years researching and testing different manufacturers brake pads to make sure than when your brakes are replaced with us, you get the quality that your vehicle requires.

Brake Service Cary NC

Brake pads come in all shapes and sizes. In the old old days Mercedes Benz used to have very square sides to there pads. Unfortunately the brake would squeak even when new and even when the vehicle was new. Mercedes always argued that the hard corner helped scrape ice off the rotor when driving in poor conditions. They no longer have square brake pads. On the brake pads above the right and left edges are tapered to help keep them from vibrating when braking. The brake pad vibration causes brake squeal.

There other ways in which Peak Auto at 833 US 64 w. helps keep brakes from making noise. We use a special brake lubricant made in Germany, that sticks on the back of the brake pads like glue. The lubricant cushions the back of the pad to the caliper, so that if it does move while braking, the brake pad will not vibrate and cause noise. At Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall, we use a special brake slide lubricant also made in Germany. When performing a brake service or brake “job”, our experienced technicians clean your disc brake slides and then lubricate them with this other type of brake lubricant. Be assured that, if we take the time to import two different types of grease from Germany just for your brakes, we will be meticulous is the service and care we offer you and your vehicle.