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Brakes Cary NC

Brake service in Cary NC is an important part of keeping your vehicle on the road. When you brake in Cary NC, you are probably trying to stop your car or SUV. Braking at highway speeds is different than braking in stop and go traffic. Make sure your brakes do not cause the steering wheel to shake, make a squealing noise, or cause your Minivan to pull to one side. There is a myth out there that if you brake gently, then you will not wear-out your brakes so fast. Physics tell us that the same amount of friction is generated when trying to stop no matter if it is quick or slow. This is measured by the amount of total heat that is generated when braking.

It seams to make sense that if you do not apply the brakes so hard, then they are not working so hard. Sorry, this isn’t true. It does take the same amount of energy to slow a vehicle or any mass regardless of the time it takes to slow. There maybe other reasons to stop slowly, like comfort for yourself or other passengers, not getting rear ended, or just because that is the way you drive. If you find your self stopping fast all the time and driving aggressively, it would be the case that your brakes don’t last as long as most drivers. The reason is probably because of the higher speeds you attain in-between stop lights and you vehicle is moving faster when braking.

If you live in the Cary NC area, call on Peak Auto conveniently located right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w. Our expert staff is dedicated to help you service your vehicles brakes properly. At Peak Auto we have taken the time to research the best methods and supplies to give you the best braking experience in Cary NC.