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Infiniti Brake Inspection

Are your Infiniti brakes causing your vehicle to pull to one side? When you press on the brake pedal does your steering wheel shake? Is your brake pedal mushy? Do your brakes squeak when you back up? Then you need to call on Peak Auto for a brake inspection or diagnosis. Peak Auto is conveniently located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w in Apex NC.

Infiniti Brake Inspection Cary NC

Brakes that cause your vehicle to pull to one side is usually caused by a brake caliper that is frozen or stuck. We typically see this on cars from up north due to the salted roads in the winter. Brakes the cause the steering wheel to shake is usually caused by warped or damaged brake rotors. You brakes should not squeak or squeal. Call on Peak Auto to have a brake inspection performed on your Infiniti vehicle today.