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Lexus ABS Diagnosis

Lexus ABS Diagnosis is necessary when your ABS light or traction control light comes on and stays on, on you dash display. If your ABS light and or traction control lights are on, then the important safety systems are turned off. If is good to know that your Lexus vehicle computer is constantly monitoring and checking all you vehicle systems, safety especially more frequent. If part of your Lexus ABS system or traction control system is not working, your Lexus vehicle will turn the system off, and then alert you the driver by turning on one or both of these lights. ABS stands for Anti-locking Brake System. This system keeps your wheels from locking up when you stomp on the brakes very hard. In the old days we were told to pump our brakes when we needed to stop fast or in rainy or icy conditions. On all Lexus vehicle, a computer and network of components does this for us.

Lexus ABS Diagnostics Cary NCLexus Traction Control Light Diagnosis Cary NC

If either or both of these lights stay on in your Lexus, call Peak Auto conveniently located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w in Apex NC. Your Lexus ABS or traction control system is comprised with a wheel speed sensor on each wheel, and ABS module and and ABS pump. If one of your wheels is not spinning at the same rate as the others, the system will engage in order to correct this issue. If the system is not working, it can be very dangerous if you try to stop fast.