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Lexus Brake Master Cylinder

Lexus Brake Master Cylinder is a critical part in the Lexus Braking system. If your Lexus brakes feel squishy or it is extra hard for you to stop, you could have a problem with your Lexus Brake Master Cylinder. When you apply the brakes in your Lexus, the brake pedal pushes a plunger inside the brake master cylinder to force brake fluid through your brake system in order to squeeze the calipers on each of your 4 wheels. The calipers press brake pads against brake rotors in order to cause enough friction to stop your Lexus vehicle.

Your Brake master cylinder will have a brakes assist reservoir as well as be connected to your ABS (Anti-locking Brake System). Under the hood the system can look quite large and complicated but for our expert technicians at Peak Auto, we know exactly how to test and fix your braking system.

Lexus Brake Fluid Master Cylinder Cary NC

Peak Auto is conveniently located right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w in Apex NC. Peak Auto highly trained expert technicians are very familiar with you Lexus vehicle and its braking system.