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Lexus Oil Change Service

Lexus Scheduled oil change service is recommended every 5,000 miles. In 2013 Lexus started to use a 0w20 full synthetic motor oil in order to increase fuel economy. (Please check your Lexus service manual for specific engine oil). Prior to this change, Lexus was using 5w30 conventional oil. It is important to note that the oil change interval did not change when Lexus switched to the synthetic engine oil. 

At Peak Auto we do not recommend using a synthetic oil in your Lexus unless it was factory filled with a synthetic oil. If your Lexus was not designed for synthetic oil, synthetic oil could cause oil leaks. 

The 5,000 mile oil change interval that Lexus established also recommends a tire rotation and a number of vehicle inspection. These inspections are at no charge when you have your Lexus oil change completed at Peak Auto right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 in Apex NC.

Lexus Spin on Oil Filter Cary NCLexus Cartridge Oil Filter Cary NC

Lexus uses two different styles of oil filters, the spin-on and the canister type. The canister type has been used by the Germans for many many years, They are more efficient and are easier to recycle. They appear to be more simple to manufacturer but most of the time actual cost more that their older cousin, the spin-on. At Peak Auto we make sure to use high quality oil filters for your Lexus, many are manufactured in Germany, depending on your vehicle engine. Call Peak Auto today to schedule your Lexus Oil and filter change.