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Subru Oil Change

Subaru Oil and Filter change is the basis for its factory maintenance service schedule. For years and years Subaru has been using conventional 5w30 engine oil but in 2012 Subaru started using 0w20 full synthetic engine oil. It is important to note that the oil and filter change interval remained the same at every 3,750 miles. Yes this is correct, there is a lot of talk out there about synthetic oils and companies make it sound like you never have to change you oil, that synthetic oils last for ever but this is not true.

Subaru Oil Change Cary NC

Synthetic oil is used in Japanese designed motor vehicles for a different purpose than the Germans vehicles. Japanese motor vehicles us synthetic oil in order to achieve better miles per gallon, not better longevity. It is very confusing to us after being told by the Germans for years that synthetic oil last years. In fact the Germs have recently shortened their oil change intervals because oil change is good.