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Auto Maintenance

Auto Maintenance in the Cary NC area can be easy and convenient. Peak Auto is locate right next tot he Cary Auto Mall on US 64 W. We are the experts to handle all of your manufacturers recommended maintenance scheduled items. In fact, we double check your cars condition against the recommended change interval recommendation. As an example, most manufacturers recommend you replace your cabin air filter as part of each 30,000 mile service. At Peak Auto we will look at and determine in fact if it is dirty. If your vehicle is garage kept, then the chances are your filter will not be so dirty at 30,000 miles. On the contrary if you park underneath a tree outside, your cabin air filter could be clogged, dirty, and filled with leaves at 20,000 miles. This issue can substantial effect your air-conditioning system to cool your vehicle. It could also be a cause of the stuffy nose and sneezing you get when you drive your car.

Auto Maintenance Cary NC

Each manufacturer publishes, in the trade, a maintenance schedule that is similar to the one you have in your owners manual. In our information, we also get the specific requirements of the type of fluids. An oil change, brake fluid flush, or automatic transmission service is no longer as simple as going to the auto parts store and asking for ATF or 5w30 engine oil. Trust Peak Auto to make sure the right oil, fluids, and parts are installed in your vehicle properly. You spent a lot of money buying your car, let us help you get the most miles out of it and also get the most out of each mile.