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Auto Service in the Cary NC are conveniently located next to the Cary Auto Mall at Peak Auto is defined by what ever your car, SUV, or Minivan needs. Typical scheduled service is based on the oil change mileage interval of your vehicle. The miles between oil changes and maintenance could range from 3,000 to 12,000 mile depending on what type of car, SUV, or Minivan you drive. The manufacturer of your vehicle has predetermined this scheduled. At Peak Auto, it is our job to help you keep up to date with your services, as well as compare the manufacturers recommendation with the actual condition of the vehicle.

A good example of a regular service is the engine air filter. If the engine air filter is dirty, your car, SUV, or Minivan will not have the power, acceleration, or fuel economy you expect. An engine air filter can get dirty from just parking a vehicle under a tree. The tree leaves fall, you drive your car, and the wind blows the leaves under the hood. When the engine is running it is sucking-in as much air as it can in order to create combustion. If leaves are inhibiting your engine from “breathing” then it cannot not produce the power you need. On the contrary, if you part your vehicle in a garage at home and at work, your engine air filter will stay cleaner longer.

Auto Service Cary NC

Another example of auto service needed and recommended is a brake fluid flush. Manufacturers recommend you have your brake fluid flushed every 2 to 3 years depending on your vehicle. Brake fluid is hydrophobic and attracts moisture. This good because it keeps moisture/water away from seals, gasket, and moving parts that can be very expensive to replace in the ABS (Anti-locking Braking System) modules.  If you live in a very dry climate, your brake fluid like the desert, there may not be any moisture in the air to attract. But if you live in Cary NC, or Apex, or somewhere else in the South, we call moisture in the air humidity. Here in Apex, we measure humidity like we measure temperature, and we are very concerned in the middle of the summer for our kids and our own health when the humidity gets too high.