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AUDI Factory Scheduled Service

All vehicles need maintenance. Your AUDI is no exception. When owning a high performance AUDI you expect a level of performance and exceptional driving experience every time you enter your vehicle. Whether it is driving to work, the grocery store, or family vacation, you expect only perfection. AUDI has created a fantastic network of computers in your vehicle that keep track of maintenance items to keep you informed of the status of your vehicle schedule. The first automobiles did not have a fuel gauge, nowadays we would never consider purchasing a vehicle with out one.

Audi Service Cary NC

Depending on the year and model of your AUDI, the amount of service information will vary. While the newer vehicles can tell you how much life is left on your brake pads, cabin air filter, or brake fluid, it is always good the have an expert AUDI service center like Peak Auto physically inspect and verify your computers accuracy. What we have found at Peak Auto in the Cary NC area is that the vehicle computer is a bit aggressive in service intervals. All service intervals are based around an oil and filter change which is recommended every 10,000 miles.

You can always double check with you owners manual the recommended service intervals as well. Working on AUDI’s constantly has given our highly trained expert technicians and support staff the ability to pin point the state of your vehicles serviceable part quickly and accurately. That is why we verify your computer’s request with actual physical inspection at no charge with our free 50 point inspection done as routine for every service.