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AUDI Automatic Transmission Service CVT ASMT

AUDI Automatic Transmissions do not have a regular schedule factory maintenance schedule. Do not confuse Automatic Transmissions with CVT or ASMT transmissions for your AUDI. CVT or Constant Velocity Transmission was used for Audi around 2005 to 2011. The CVT did not shift but used a complicated mechanism to try to keep the engines RPM’s constant as the vehicle accelerated. In theory this would allow the engine to burn more efficiently. But it did not turn out to be that simple, the Constant Velocity Transmissions required more effort to move and thus did not improve fuel economy.

AUDI Moved to the ASMT or Automatically Shifted Manual Transmission around 2012, depending on model. The ASMT is a hybrid of a manual and automatic transmission. The vehicle does not have a clutch pedal, instead the computer engages a clutch like mechanism to automatically shift gears when the gear selector is in D mode. The transmission itself does not use gear oil as in a manual gear box but uses a special Automatic Transmission Fluid similar to ATF 1 (not ATF 3).

Audi ASMT Cary NCWhether you have a CVT or ASMT to transfer power to the road, the service interval is preformed every 35,00 miles. In the service the correct fluid (dependent on model) is replaced as well as the fluid filter. At Peak Auto we take the extra care to make sure your AUDI transmission is serviced properly.

At Peak Auto in the Cary NC area, we use only OEM fluids when servicing your AUDI. It is extremely important to use the owners guide to service your AUDI Transmission at the correct interval. You can call Peak Auto in Apex NC at 919-363-8589 to find out when your service is due. For most models the A/T service is done at 35,000 miles intervals. More on AUDI A/T Service.