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AUDI Brake Fluid Flush

AUDI Brake fluid is none like no other. Since around 2002 (depending on model), AUDI has been using a brake fluid called DOT 4 LV. The DOT number refers to the higher boiling temperature than DOT 3. The LV stands for Low Viscosity. The lower the viscosity the smaller the molecules are and the slippery the fluid is. The theory behind this fluid is that the lower the viscosity or the more “slippery” then when I engage my brake pedal, the fluid pumped through the ABS system to my calipers can move with less friction therefor move faster. The faster the fluid moves the more control I have over my brakes.
Audi Brake Pedal Cary NCAudi ABS Module Cary NCAudi Brake Caliper Cary NC

This fantastic, extremely high quality brake fluid is made in Germany by only one manufacturer, Pentosin. The fluid has become more popular over the years and Volkswagen and Audi started using it around 2006 (depending on model). At Peak Auto we use the Pentosin LV exclusively for flushing you AUDI’s Brake fluid. More information on Brake Fluid.

A brake fluid flush is important, just as an oil change keeps your engine oil clean, a brake fluid flush keeps your brake fluid from developing too much moisture. Brake fluid is made to attract moisture to keep the “water” out of or away from the expensive parts in the braking system, such as the ABS Pump and module and the caliper seals. In order to keep your braking system working properly, AUDI recommends you have your fluid flushed every two years.

At Peak Auto in the Cary Apex NC area we can measure the amount of moisture that is trapped in your brake fluid. From 0 % to 4%, 0 being new with no water or moisture. If every two years seems to be too often, we would recommend changing your LV brake fluid when it reaches no more than 3% of moisture content in this humid climate we live in Cary NC.