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AUDI Oil Change Service

AUDI Oil change intervals are recommended by the factory for 10,000 mile intervals. Of all the service recommendation intervals, this one seems to be a bit off. When your AUDI was brand new up until about 50,000 miles, a extended oil and filter interval was probably OK, but as your engine ages and wears oil is burnt at a higher rate and the inside of the engine is just dirtier by age. Think of an oil and filter change as a way to clean the inside of your engine. Even the best most expensive most advanced oil get contaminated by the re-breath system r crankcase ventilation system, the mix of exhaust gasses seeping through the piston rings on the exhaust stroke of the engine. These contaminates cannot be stopped, however you can remove a lot of them by changing you oil.

Filters for you AUDI’s engine can be either screw on (for older models) or incert style for newer models. The filters need to be made by one of two manufacturers MANN or MAHLE. They need have passed the German quality standard’s of being able to not deteriorate for three times the oil change interval and also need to be biodegradable.

Audi Spin-on Oil Filter Cary NC                     Audi Canister type Oil Filter Element Cary NC

At Peak Auto located in the Cary/Apex NC area, we use mostly MAHLE filters. Both of these filter brands are fantastic and do the job they are designed to do. Always demand a MANN or MAHLE filter when having an oil change done on your vehicle, these are what the AUDI dealer’s are required to use.

Full Synthetic oil isn’t always enough. The Synthetic oil used in your Audi’s oil and filter change has to pass certain quality standards and certifications set by AUDI. The oil used in your AUDI should have an additional code such as VW 502 00 on the bottle. This is more than the weight 5W40.