Meet Robert: Robert lives in Apex and drives a BMW 325i. Robert and his wife have been trusting customers of Peak Auto for over three years and recently dropped off their BMW 325i for a fuel leak. As Robert was driving on a highway some debris flew-up and punctured his fuel tank. Robert also notified Peak Auto that his exhaust was noisy and his muffler had a crack.

Peak Auto’s expert BMW technician inspected Robert’s BMW 325i and found that the puncture in the fuel tank was not repairable (for safety reasons) and the exhaust noise was coming from a hole in the BMW 325i’s muffler. Peak Auto’s technician also found that Roberts steering rack boots were torn and needed to be replaced.

Robert was notified of the damage as well as the cost to repair. Robert gave his approval, the parts were ordered and Robert’s BMW 325i was fixed in good fashion. Roberts BMW 325 was washed and cleaned and he was notified that his vehicle was ready to be picked up. Robert was so happy with his experience at Peak Auto in Apex that he wrote a fantastic Five Star Google Review.

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