Meet Evan: Evan lives in Apex and his wife drives a 2017 BMW 5x. Evan called Peak Auto about his X5 because he was not getting good information from the dealer on a road noise that started at around 5,000 miles from new. The BMW dealer checked the alignment and said everything was OK. At 15,000 miles the noise was so loud that Even wouldn’t drive his wife’s X5. The dealer then informed him that his tires were cupping and causing the noise. Even brought his wife’s BMW x5 to Peak Auto for a second opinion.

When Peak Auto’s expert technician started the alignment check on Even’s wife’s BMW x5 he weighed the vehicle down with 500 lbs as per BMW specifications. Peak Auto is the only independent shop in the area that performs this important step in the BMW alignment process. Peak Auto found a slight out of alignment in the toe adjustment for the rear left as well as both of the front wheels. Nothing drastic and there also did not seem to be very much cupping going on with the tires. The thread on the tires in the center was healthy and the outside edges were normally worn.

Peak Auto did some research on this issue and found that there have been a lot of complaints with tire noise being generated for the newer BMW X5’s with large wheels. BMW as of yet has not provided a resolution to this issue but only recommends replacing tires prematurely to rid of the noise. Peak Auto performed the proper BMW alignment on Evan’s wife’s BMW had the vehicle washed and cleaned. Call his for him to pick it up, explained all information that was available,  and Evan left this great Google Five Start Review!

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