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BMW Alignment

Proper BMW alignments Are unique in that they require weights to placed on the vehicle is specified places in order to “push” down on the suspension replicating the force of wind pushing on the aerodynamics of car at highway speeds. Ride height is the number factor affecting a precision alignment. Today’s alignment machines such as the Hunter Hawkeye are so accurate that they can detect the slightest movement on  the suspension during an alignment. The machines no longer use just laser but cameras to precisely calibrate your high performance BMW suspension.

The weights used consist of 50 Lb bags of sand totaling 500 lbs to be distributed around the vehicle, in places like the drivers seat, trunk, rear seat. Each vehicle is different and we rely on the machine to instruct us as to were to place the weight.

BMW Alignment Cary NC

At Peak Auto in the Cary Apex NC area we are the only independent auto repair shop that takes the time and additional effort to “properly” align your BMW. Our expert technicians have the best, most accurate alignment system available. Make sure your Camber, Caster, and toe on all four wheels are pointing or leaning in the right direction to give you and your BMW the best diving experience. More alignment