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BMW Automatic Transmission

BMW Automatic transmissions or A/T are currently made by ZF. Over the years BMW has used different fluids in their transmission by never use conventional ATF. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s BMW wrote a note on the bottom of the transmission with what A/T fluid number to use when servicing. the transmission.

BMW Automatic Transmission Service Cary NC

This was extremely complicated and a lot of “do it yourselfer’s” ruined their transmissions trying to perform a routine transmission service. BMW advertised a transmission in their 740il’s that stated was fluid for life or lifetime fluid in order to promote the quality of their vehicles as well as keep DUI’rs from breaking their transmissions.

BMW found that not servicing a transmission or using complicated formula fluids was disastrous on their brand and with Pentosin came up with a simple solution in ATF1. Since in 2005 BMW started increasing the number of gears in their transmission, starting with 6 and now have 8. The automatic transmission fluid name changed to ZF Lifeguard 6 and ZF Lifeguard 8. It can be difficult to see the 6 and 8 on the 1 liter bottles but they are there.
BMW Automatic Transmission A/T Fluid Cary NCBMW Automatic Transmission A/T Fluid Cary NC

At Peak Auto in the Cary NC area, we use only OEM fluids when servicing your BMW. It is extremely important to use the owners guide to service your BMW Transmission at the correct interval. You can call Peak Auto in Apex NC at 919-363-8589 to find out when your service is due. For most models the A/T service is done at 100,000 miles intervals.