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BMW Tire Balance and Rotation

BMW Tires, or as in Europe they spell Tyres, range in size and style. Depending on if you drive an X5, Z4, or 335i the tires that are factory recommended can differ by run-flat to regular tire, tread patterns may differ, rubber compounds, sidewall stiffness and speed ratings. These numbers are usually not that clear to the average consumer or tire shop kid. At Peak auto we take the time to research the correct OE recommended tires and give you options. The choices we come up with are educated and easily explainable by our expert staff.

For 2008 BMW 335 with 18″ rims the size reads like this 225/45ZRP18 88Y. If this was a run-flat tire, there would be a ZP (zero Pressure) instead of a ZR. The 225 refers to the width of the tire. The 45 is the height off of the rim or profile. The 18 is the size of the rim in inches. The 88 refers to the tire wall stiffness and the Y is the speed rating. You can have a stiffer tire with a higher speed rating, but you would not want the opposite because of safety reasons. We also get 500 AA A or 400 AA A, which refers to the compound of the rubber in the tire. The higher the number the harder the compound the longer the tire should last, but possibly less traction. Traction is a combination of rubber compound and tire tread pattern. Both of these factors can influence ride quality.

BMW Tire Rotation and Balance Cary NC

At Peak auto located in the Cary and Apex NC area we recommend Michelin most of the time because they are simply the best. If the price is sometimes out of the reach of your budget, we also like Hankook Tires. Hankook has been making amazing inroads in the US and is now found factory installed on many Mercedes Benz models.BMW Tires Cary NC

Rotating and balance. At Peak Auto we frequently have customers whom are confused between balance and alignments. The alignment points the car in the correct way down the road. The tire balance has more to do with vibrations at certain speeds like 60 mph or 70 mph. At Peak Auto we recommend a tire rotation every 10,000 miles or oil change and a tire balance if you are experiencing a vibration a a certain speed. Caution, vibrations in Cary NC roads can be cause by a bent rim. Bent rims are very common in Apex NC and can be fixed or replaced by Peak Auto.