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Covid-19 Essential Services – Peak Auto

Essential services can be a gray area. I would suppose that some lobbying groups have played their part in this process. When North Carolina governor Roy Cooper issued executive order 117 to close schools k-12 on March 14th, many teachers felt the pinch early. Now with the stay at home order 122 only essential business may stay open.

My brother-in-law is a high-school teacher of 21 years and for 2 weeks has been under the impression that teaching was not an essential service. Today, thankfully he received a letter from our governor stating that teachers are essential staff. Thank God! I thought for a minute there, or 2 weeks, that he might quit his job and become a auto technician just so he can feel essential to society.

What is an essential service?

A Psychologist friend of mine from Duke sent this to me a week ago. I think if Maslow was alive during this Pandemic he would make a few more revisions. Physiological Needs. The physiological needs includes the basic needs (1) that man needs for the survival of his body which food, clothing, air, shelter, and the homeostatic processes such as excretion. …

Clothing stores are closed these days and Banana Republic is furloughing 80,000 employees. OUCH! That’s without pay! I don’t see drive-through fast food on this list or cars for that matter. So times change and we try to keep up with them and do what we can during this difficult time.

At Peak Auto we are doing our part to help slow/stop the spread of Covid-19 by still allowing customers to have their vehicles registered, serviced, and or repaired. In today’s world internet access, hot water, groceries, and transportation are all essential needs. We are told not to take taxis or public transportation, this new restriction puts even more demand on our vehicles. Especially if we are living alone and don’t have anyone to call except a tow truck in an emergency, how would I get home?

Pea Auto is open for normal business hours however we are not accepting waiting appointments during this time. We also strongly encourage you to use our after hours service of leaving your vehicle and picking up your vehicle to help limit an extra point of contact. Peak Auto technicians always wash their hands thoroughly before every vehicle interaction and wear latex gloves while working on your vehicle. Thank you for helping us keep this economy moving while slowing the spread!!!!

Daran Thomas


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