Hybrid Service Maintenance and Repair

Peak Auto is a leader in the Cary and Apex area for Hybrid service and repair of all Hybrid vehicle types. Hybrid vehicles owners have additional concerns. Components such as AC compressors do not use any lubrication. Power steering is usually electric driven rather than off a belt from the engine crankshaft pulley.

Hybrid vehicles use a lighter synthetic oil, the tires are skinnier, and the transmission have a special fluid. Hybrids may be kind at the pump but service and repairs can be a bit more complicated that regular vehicle.

When it is time to replace your Hybrid battery call on Peak Auto and its expert technicians to to fix your cells. Peak Auto has a ASE Certified Hybrid Master Technician to work on your Prius, Camry, and other hybrid vehicles.

The first actual hybrid vehicle was designed and built around 1897 by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. An electric wheel-hub motor, it eventually led to the Egger-Lohner electric vehicle and was shown at the 1900 Paris Auto Salon.

NASA copied the design idea when it engineered the lunar rover.

Times sure have changed. Over 100 years later, automakers and engineers are still fiddling with the idea of combining electric motors with internal combustion engines. There’s a promise of cleaner cars, better efficiency, and even more powerful performance.

Toyota Prius is the worlds number one selling hybrid vehicle. In fact on the top ten list the Prius is #1, #7, and #10.

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