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Jaguar Brake Service

Jaguar Brake Service in the Cary NC area, when done properly, will include brake pads, brake rotors, and brake pad sensors. The brake pad sensor is the electrical trigger that tells car computer to turn a light on in the instrument cluster notifying the driver. The brake pad sensor is a one time use connector that needs to be replaced along with the brake pads and rotors. On some of the older models it was possible to turn or re-surface the rotors without replacing them each time your Jaguar had a brake service. The rotors were measured and as long as they met the specification by the manufacturer, were able to be turned.

Weather it was convenient or just making sure the end product was of a higher standard, Jaguar now recommends replacing the rotors along with the brake pads and sensor when performing a brake service. At Peak Auto our expert technicians follow manufacturers guidelines to ensure the correct brake service is performed on your Jaguar. 

Jaguar Brake Service Cary NCJaguar Brake Pads Cary NC

At Peak auto located next to the Cay Auto Mall at 833 US-64 W. in Apex we clean all movable parts in the brake caliper. At Peak auto we grease the slides and pad backing using two types of German mage lubricant. Each high temperature brake service lubricant is specifically designed for the placement designated. It is so important to us that you are very satisfied with your new brakes and service we provide. Brake should not squeal, squeak, or vibrate when applied when it is cold hot, snow or rain. For your Jaguar X-Type, S-Type, XJR, XJ8, XKR, XKK, XF, XFR, XJ, XK, or XKR cal the #1 Dealer alternative in Cary NC.