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Jaguar Oil Change Service

Jaguar oil and filter change is part on the scheduled factor maintenance. In 2004 Jaguar stated that you could use Full Synthetic Motor oil as long as you used the recommended viscosity in your maintenance manual. In 2011 Jaguar change their motor oil requirement to full synthetic. using 5w20 in the Cary NC climate or 0W20 for northern states. The recommended oil and filter change interval prior to 2011 was every 10,000 miles. The recommended interval on Jaguar vehicles 2011 and newer is every 15,000 miles.

The oil filters can be different as well depending on the engine in your Jaguar. There are two types that Jaguar uses, the traditional “American” style or spin-on and the BMW, German, or European style the cartridge. The Spin on are easier to change but are usually mounted under the vehicle. The cartridge style give better oil flow through the system are more efficient, and are easier to recycle. Yes, recycle. The German/EU standard is that oil filters need to last three times an oil change interval (that could be 45,000 miles) without breaking down, and then need to be biodegradable.

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