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Land Rover Service and Repair

Peak Auto is a leader in the Cary and Apex area for Land Rover service and repair of all Land Rover vehicle types. Land Rover Range Rover’s and Range Rover Sport’s have become more and more popular in the Cary Apex NC area. Known as “Footballers” SUV’s in Europe, the combination of rugged durability mixed with high fashion, contemporary appointments, and luxury has convinced many drivers to own a Land Rover in Cary. Whether you own a Range Rover, Rang Rover Sport, Land Rover LR2, Land Rover LR3, Discovery, Freelander, or Evoque you can count on Peak Auto for your service and repairs.

Land Rover Service and Repair

In the early 2000’s BMW purchased Land Rover and interchanged technology, parts, and suppliers. Peak Autos’ extensive work with BMW’s has help its expert technicians understand the philosophy of-build by Land Rover. Since then Ford purchased Land Rover and then was sold to Tata Motors in 2008.

From regularly scheduled maintenance, oil changes, brakes, to rebuilding engines, Peak Auto has the right experience, diagnostic equipment, and trained technicians to keep your Land Rover running tip top.

Land Rover Brakes:

Land Rover brakes are big and heavy. The are made to stop a huge truck, and stop fast. Your brakes work well to keep your family safe to avoid accidents. When it is time to replace your brakes understand that Peak Auto uses only the finest quality OEM part and lubricants. Your Land Rover brakes should never sequel or vibrate.

Land Rover Oil Change:

Land Rover oil is specific to year and application (i.e. engine) Most Land Rovers require synthetic oil. Not all synthetic oil meet Land Rovers stringent guidelines. It is important to only use the correct specification for your Land Rover. A 2014 Land Rover Range Rover with a 3.0 liter V-6 uses 5w20 weight oil with specification/approval WSS-M2C925-A. At Peak Auto we are very careful to use the correct oil for your specific Land Rover