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Land Rover Brakes

Land Rover Brakes are big meaty and aggressive. They are designed to stop you on the highway, side road and off road. If you have ever changed a tire on your Range Rover you would have noticed the over-sized lug nuts. Holding a lug in your hand, it is easy to feel the quality and durability of your SUV. Whether you drive a Land Rover Range Rover, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover LR2, or Land Rover LR3; at Peak Auto next to the Cary Auto Mall on US-64 west be assured that our expert technicians are the right choice in replacing your brakes with OEM parts.

Land Rover Brake Service Cary NC

At Peak Auto we take pride in our brake service and repair. Brake pads, rotors and brake pad sensors are replaced during a standard brake job. But at Peak Auto, standard is not good enough. Our expert staff takes the time to clean the slides, bush the hub for the rotor, and using two separate types of lubricant to ensure no squeak or squeal for your Land Rover for many years to come. Brake lubricant

Land Rover Brake Service Apex NC

Land Rover  brake rotors are made heavy, rugged, and durable bu the are not made hard. The metal is a soft mixture that allows the brake rotors to wear-out with the brake pads. As your brake pads wear-out on your Range Rover Sport, a lip will form on the outside of the rotor. This is good and an indication that the brake rotors are doing a fantastic job helping your stop safely and quickly. Count on Peak Auto next tot he Cary Auto Mall for your brake service.

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