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LATEX-GLOVE-SERVICE is now available at Peak Auto:

Help Stop the spread of COVID-19

LATEX-GLOVE-SERVICE help prevent the spread of disease in our community. Originally started by Peak Auto to help protect an employee after returning to work from Chemotherapy, this new idea in car car has revolutionized the way we think about our vehicle service and repairs.

LATEX-GLOVE-SERVICE allows you to drop your vehicle off and pick it up after hours. Less personal contact means less spread of germs. Peak Auto’s convenient night drop box and extremely easy pay over the phone, give you flexibility in your schedule.

LATEX-GLOVE-SERVICE will ensure that Peak Auto’s highly trained technicians and staff will wear Latex Gloves when in and working on your vehicle. Peak Auto’s technicians already washed their hands before entering each vehicle but this is a new level of cleanliness.

LATEX-GLOVE-SERVICE has an additional feature. On your request, Peak Auto will spray a Lysol disinfectant in your vehicle cabin and wipe down your key, steering wheel, shifter, and door handle. This extra level of cleanliness is important in these strange times.

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