Meet Sri: Sri drives a Mercedes Benz C300 and recently moved to Apex NC. Sri brought his Mercedes Benz C300 to Peak Auto for a Mercedes A service and transmission service. Sri dropped off his Mercedes Benz in the morning and picked up a loaner-car while his Mercedes Benz was in the Peak Auto shop.

During Sri’s Mercedes Benz’s A Service, Peak Auto’s expert technician noted that a small oil leak was coming from his oil separator mounted on the back of the top of the engine. Peak Auto called Sri and asked if he wanted the technician to fix this leak, and Sri agreed.

Soon their after, Sri was called and informed that his Mercedes Benz C300 A Service, transmission service, oil leak repair were complete and he could pick up his car. When Sri arrived, his Mercedes Benz was washed and cleaned. Sri was very happy with Peak Auto’s service that he left an outstanding Google Five Star Review.

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