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Mercedes Benz Factory Scheduled Service

All vehicles need maintenance. A Mercedes Benz is no exception. When owning a quality Mercedes Benz you expect a level of comfort, performance, and exceptional driving experience every time you enter your vehicle. Whether it is driving to work, work out, or family vacation you expect pure driving satisfaction. Mercedes Benz has created a fantastic network of computers in your vehicle that keep track of maintenance items to keep you informed of the status of your vehicle schedule. The first automobiles did not have a fuel gauge, nowadays we would never consider purchasing a vehicle with out one.

Mercedes Benz vehicles are at the cutting edge of the automotive driver information future. Mercedes Benz started the modern dashboard service requests with A service and B service. these were displayed on your Mercedes Benz instrument-cluster screen with one wrench or two wrenches, respectively.
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Then around 2005, depending on the Mercedes Benz model, they went to an A B C D E … schedule. At first this seems complicated but to simplify the maintenance schedule, just know that all of the intervals revolve around a once a year or 15,000 mile oil and filter change. At mileages anything from cabin air filters to A/T Fluid service to spark plugs are added to oil and filter change service. If you are thinking 15,000 miles is a bit long to go between oil changes, we at Peak Auto would agree. Even though these vehicles are set up for this extended service interval when they are new, when any vehicle reaches 60,000 and the owner is still relying on it for another 100,000 miles, the oil should be changed more often.

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