Meet Matt: Matt’s son just got a Mercedes Benz SL with a new top and brought it to Peak Auto because the top was stuck in an-almost open position. Matt had a flashing light on the center console, the windows would not open or close,  and the vehicle would not let him put the soft top down or up.  Matt dropped off his Mercedes Benz SL at Peak Auto with directions of leaving the top up or down, just one position would work because he owns the hard top and didn’t see his son putting the top down anytime soon.

At Peak Auto we are excited to help, even with out of the norm requests. The issue with the Mercedes Benz SL soft top, was that the new top was made too tight. After Matt tried to open and close it, the computer was confused and shut down power to the system. Also, the computer flashed the top control button light as a warning that the top could not be moved, and disabled the windows. Peak Autos’ expert technician was able to reset the computer, find out what the issue was, and put the top in the open position. The windows were able to operate. This gave Matt time to put the hard top on the vehicle and take it back to the convertible top people.

At Peak Auto, located next tot the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 West in Apex, it is our pleasure to help solve, what sometimes can can feel like huge issues. Matt was so pleased with our service he left a fantastic Google Five Star Review.

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