Meet Kevin: Kevin drives a 2009 Mercedes Benz Smart for two. Kevin has been coming to Peak Auto off and on for the past 7 years but his last visit may have changed Kevin into a full time believer. Kevin has collected a few promo coupons from Peak Auto and after his last visit, which was an oil and filter change, Kevin asked if he could use a 5 year old oil change coupons that he still had in his kitchen drawer. Without hesitation, John told him, of coarse he could.

Kevin brought his 2009 Mercedes Benz Smart for Two to Peak Auto for just an oil change but was glad to be informed that his spark plugs were do to be replaced, he needed new tires, and he was getting ready to need front brakes.  At Peak Auto we know you are busy and a quick oil change should never be too quick to make sure your vehicle is safe and will keep up the reliability you count on.

At Peak Auto our goal is to service your vehicle to the highest level that is needed to  keep you safe and worry free. Our relationship with customers grows more deeply each year and an old coupon to you may look like $25 off but to us it looks like a baseball trading card and is worth more to than the dollar discount printed on the paper. Check out Kevin’s actual Five Star Google Review!

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