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Mercedes Benz Automatic Transmission Servicie

Mercedes Benz Automatic Transmissions or A/T are extremely complicated but yet durable. One of the things that make the Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions reliable and long lasting is the required service interval. Most Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions are required to be serviced every 40,000 miles. On some of the older Mercedes models, then A/T was serviced at 40,000 miles and then not serviced again for the life of the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz automatic transmission service will include a dropping of the transmission pan, draining out the fluid and replacing the filter. Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions use a specific type of ATF or automatic transmission fluid and each model will specify by part number what fluid the automatic transmission requires. Typically the fluid is Blue (semi-synthetic base) or Red (mineral base). You canot mix the two fluids and you cannot mix either fluid with typical red ATF you would by at a convenient auto parts store.

Mercedes Benz Automatic transmission service Cary NC

Mercedes A/T Service Cary NC


Mercedes Benz dealers do not flush the transmission fluid with a machine during the transmission service. Some tire stores recommend a flush but the down side it two fold, one are they using the correct fluid and two they will not replace the filter, thus forcing old fluid and more contaminates into the filter. Your car would be set up for a major transmission failure. Do Not have your Mercedes Benz automatic transmission flushed.

At Peak Auto in the Cary NC area, we use only OEM fluids when servicing your Mercedes Benz automatic transmission. It is extremely important to use the owners guide to service your Mercedes Transmission at the correct interval. You can call Peak Auto in Apex NC at 919-363-8589 to find out when your service is due. For most models the A/T service is done at 40,000 miles intervals.

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