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Mercedes Benz Brake Service

Mercedes Benz brakes and braking philosophy has changed over the years. In the “good ole days” Mercedes brakes would always squeak when braking. This was due to the square edge at the side of the brake pads. This edge would cause pad vibration or chatter and would cause a squealing noise for the driver. Mercedes Benz for years defended their design saying the sharp/square edge was there for harsh icy conditions. The flat edge was supposed to clean the rotor quickly of ice, snow, or water when pressed against the rotor.

So many complaints for Mercedes Benz brake noise year after year. US dealers decided to taek matters into their own hands and the Mercedes Benz Certified Master Technicians would grind off an edge of the brake pads to eliminate the noise. Finally Daimler/Benz decided to change their design and smooth the edge of the pads in production.

Mercedes Benz Brake Service Cary NC

This first step in Mercedes Benz brake service from Peak Auto, located in the next to the Cary NC Auto Mall, is to preform an inspection. Brake inspections are included at Peak Auto as part of our 50 point inspection process done at every service. The brake pad friction material is measured. New brake pads fro your Mercedes Benz will have 12 mm of thickness. When the brake pad lining is worn to 4 mm’s thick it is time to schedule a time for service to replace your pads, rotors, and sensors. The brake pad sensors will typically warn the driver via a dash light when the pads are nearing the end of their life. The sensor is a one time use and will be replaced along with the brake pads and brake rotors.

Mercedes Benz Brake Service Apex NC

Brake rotors on your Mercedes Benz are mad out of a soft metal material so that the brake pads can grip them better causing more friction and stopping power. The rotors will develop a lip on the outer edge and this lip can be felt if you run your finger along the surface of the brake rotor when the vehicle is parked. Mercedes Benz brake rotors are not made to be re-surfaced as is an american car or truck. Quality in the ability to stop short and safety are the primary functions of the brake rotor, not longevity.

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