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Mercedes Benz Coolant Flush

Mercedes Benz Coolant flush is a factory scheduled at 130,0 to 150,000 miles, depending on model. At Peak Auto we would recommend coolant for any vehicle be flushed every 3 years in order to help preserve the integrity of the cooling system. Mercedes uses a Long-Term Antifreeze/Coolant that does not contain nitrites or phosphates and has been formulated to prevent excessive silicate gel precipitation, significantly reducing the possibility of harmful deposit formation.  Never mix Mercedes blue, or red, or gold coolant with Preston or any over the counter antifreeze. If you are adding coolant, you probably have a coolant leak.

Mercedes Benz Coolant Flush Cary NCMercedes Coolant Flush Cary NC

Coolant maintenance is important to perform when you want your coolant to do it’s job properly. We do not know why Mercedes Benz does not include this service in a shorter maintenance scheduled. We could joke that a water pump, radiator, or auxiliary temp gauge sensor will leak within this maintenance interval forcing you to replace the Mercedes Benz coolant anyway, but this does not sound very German.

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