Mini Cooper’s are very popular vehicles in the Cary NC area. Has it been difficult to find Mini Cooper service professionals who know about your Mini cooper and are familiar with the way the wear tires, leak oil, but are still so so fun to drive? Peak Auto services so many Mini Coopers that we have advanced engine timing tools and specialized training for these cars.

One of the reasons people live in Cary NC is for the ease of life and the abundance of space and land. If you live in Cary than your house is most likely newer and bigger than your friends. But when it comes to driving, people like you in Cary love to drive a fun, agile, little car… The MINI.

If you drive a Mini Cooper and live or work in the Cary area, you may have noticed that the closest Mini Cooper dealership is either in North Raleigh or Greensboro. If your Mini Cooper is out of warranty than it would be much more convenient to have your Mini Cooper serviced at the #1 dealer alternative located right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w.

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Peak Auto offers dealer level diagnostics, parts, and service for your Mini Cooper. From oil changes, brakes, clutches, to head-gaskets and timing chains, Peak Auto is your Mini Cooper service center in the Cary area. Across the street from the Cary Costco. Not far from the Koka booth amphitheater and right by McGregor Towns.

Mini Cooper

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