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MINI Cooper Transmission Service

MINI Cooper Automatic transmissions or A/T are need to be maintained on  the correct specified mileage st by the manufacturer. The Automatic transmission, which include a filter and new fluid interval, is serviced at 100,000 miles depending on the year and make of your MINI Cooper.

MINI Cooper also can come equipped with a CVT Continuous Variable Transmission or a manual transmission. An automatic transmission shifts for you, the manual transmission you have to shift yourself, and the CVT doesn’t shift at all. Make sure you use only the specified fluid by the manufacturer when servicing your MINI Cooper.

Mini Cooper Automatic transmission Service Cary NC

At Peak Auto in the Cary NC area, we use only OEM fluids when servicing your MINI Cooper. It is extremely important to use the owners guide to service your MINI Cooper transmission at the correct interval. You can call Peak Auto in Apex NC at 919-363-8589 to find out when your service is due. For most models the A/T service is done at 100,000 miles intervals.

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