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Mini Cooper Oil Change Service

MINI Cooper’s by design have a different oil lubrication system than most vehicles. The oil filter does not screw-on the bottom or side of the engine. The Oil filter does not cost 59 cents and is not made in China. BMW oil filters sit in a specific oil filter housing located on the front side of the engine, they are extremely efficient and allow for better flow of engine oil. The filters need to be made by one of two manufacturers MANN or MAHLE. They need have passed the German quality standard’s of being able to not deteriorate for three times the oil change interval and also need to be biodegradable.

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At Peak Auto located in the Cary/Apex NC area, we use mostly MAHLE filters. On the older MINI we found that the MANN filter did not seal to the filter holding throwing of the oil pressure guage so we stopped using them. Both of the filter brands are fantastic and do the job they are designed to do on MINI Cooper’s built after 2006. Always demand a MANN or MAHLE filter when having an oil change done on your vehicle, these are what the MINI Cooper dealer’s are required to use.

MINI Cooper oil is sold by BMW and has a specific part number and formula called long-life I or long-life II. At Peak Auto we make sure your MINI Cooper receives the best and correct oil according BMW specifications. The difference between the oils is the amount of ash. The ash in long-life I helps lubricate the engine more. The lack of ash in long-life II oil is specifically used in diesel engines (thus not MINI) to help prevent the blockage of the particulate filter. More information at BMW OIL.