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NC State Vehicle Emissions Inspections

North Carolina State Vehicle Emissions Inspections are performed annually in order to register your vehicle. The emission inspection makes sure that your vehicle is not polluting or producing emission over the regulated amount for that vehicle.  The inspection is completed at Peak Auto, and official NC State Inspection Center, and is done by connecting your vehicles on bopard computer with the North Carolina DMV computer. If your Service engine soon (BMW) or check engine light is on, your vehicle will not be able to be inspected. Call Peak Auto to diagnose this warning light before having your vehicle inspected.

Check engine light diagnosis Cary NC

After Peak Auto has diagnosed and fixed your Check Engine Light, you will need to drive your vehicle through its drive cycles by putting miles on your car. Every vehicle is different because the on board computer randomly performs emissions checks until all categories are satisfied. this usually takes between 60 and 100 mile to complete. Call on Peak Auto to perform the North Carolina DMV annual requirement for a safety and emissions check. The mandated total fee is $30.00. Peak Auto is conveniently located next to the Cary Auto mall at 833 US 64 w in Apex NC.

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