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New BMW Oil

After years and years of loyalty and a true Industry partnership BMW has cut ties with Castrol Oil Company and has switched its motor oil manufacturer to Shell, also known as Pennzoil in United States. We tend to be skeptical of Automotive Manufacturers recommending a certain brand of motor oil. At Peak Auto in Apex NC our Liqui Molly rep swears that his company works with the German Manufacturers to develop the Synthetic Oil Standards. The story continues with the big oil companies buying the rights to have their brand logo on your oil filler cap as well as stocking the shelves of the dealers parts department with their oil.


What if there was new technology in how synthetic motor oil is made? Would a Global leading automotive manufacturer recognize advancements in a new technology and embrace the future? When it comes to BMW and the new Pennzoil Euro Synthetic, the answer is YES! The new Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil is made from natural gas instead of crude oil. Amazing that the scientists at Shell have developed a method to convert a gas into a liquid but even more amazing is that natural gas has no impurities so it is clean from the beginning. All other synthetic oil is made from a base oil or crude oil. The oil is very dirty and is separated at refineries into petroleum naphtha, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt base, and heating oil. The engine oil that is produced in the process is dirty and need to be cleaner and purified. You can never remove all the impurities, so oil manufacturers are starting with a dirty product and trying to make it clean, so we can put it into our engines.

BMW Synthetic oil change Cary NC

Motor oil and synthetic motor oil have a package of additives that help make up what comes out of the bottle. These additives are necessary for the motor oil to lubricate the engine and stay stable during the life of the oil. The =additive package also include detergents to help keep the internal parts of the engine clean. The new BMW Pennzoil Euro Synthetic has the highest percentage of additives. The additive package  has a remarkable Noack Volatility % or 6.8 compared to Castrol at 10.5 and Mobil 1 at 8.6. The lower the number the better the resistance to vaporization and keeping its original protective and performance qualities longer. Including: Better oil circulation, Maximum fuel efficiency, Reduced oil consumption, Less deposits formation, Stable viscosity for low and high temperature wear protection, Fewer emissions, and Longer oil life.


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