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New MINI Cooper Oil

Mini Cooper follows the parent company BMW in switching from Castrol to Pennzoil Euro Synthetic Motor Oil. The break through research from Shell Oil Company, Parent to Pennzoil, has discovered a way to turn the ultra clean natural gas into a liquid engine lubricant or motor oil. Peak Auto has embraced this new oil and highly recommends it in all Mini Coopers but especially in the 2007 and newer models which have direct inject fuel systems. Direct inject fuel injectors increase power, performance, and fuel economy but have a few side effects with piston ring blow-by, carbon build-up on the valves, and greater oil consumption. The new BMW/Pennzoil Euro Synthetic motor oil combats these side effects with its clean base, additive package, and its ability to remain stable longer und tougher conditions.

mini cooper oil change Cary nc

At Peak Auto in Apex NC located right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 W, we have spent a great deal of time and energy researching engine lubricants to make sure we provide our clients tell with the best options to protect and maintain their Mini Coopers. Through our research we have found that the New BMW or Pennzoil Euro Synthetic Motor Oil is your best choice and is worth the slight extra cost, because of the protection this new synthetic motor oil provides.


Mini Coopers offer great performance, driving fun, and a cute playful attitude. The maintenance schedule call for a Synthetic motor oil and filter change every 15,000 miles. You may be thinking this is too long to go in between oil changes, and at Peak Auto we agree. Please shorten your oil change interval to 7,000 to 8,000 miles if you plan to keep your Mini Cooper for a while. Most Mini Coopers engines are made by Peugeot and from servicing and repairing these engines for the last 9 years, at Peak Auto we believe them to be not so durable. Please help out the tiny little engine under your hood that is trying so hard to produce as much power as possible for your enjoyment. A regularly scheduled oil and filter change at an interval of 8,000 miles or less will help keep the repair costs down over the life of Mini Cooper. 


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