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New Synthetic Oil

Pennzoil or Shell as the parent company, has recently invented a way to convert natural gas into engine oil. This process seams to be impossible, but if you examine exactly how synthetic oil is made, it is easier to grasp the concept of converting a gas into a stable liquid. Synthetic motor oil is is made by manipulating the base oil at the molecular level. If we can talk molecules for a minute, all things in life are made up of molecules, including our engine oil. Crude oil is a mix of gasoline, oil, diesel, and kerosene, as well as some really dirty tar substance. The oil that is separated from the rest of the mix has multiple shaped molecules. Scientists have discovered that if they can separate the molecules and use only one size for a specific weight of oil, then this is considered synthetic motor oil or synthesized motor oil. The geniuses at Shell (parent company to Pennzoil) have found a way to manipulate the molecules of natural gas in order to convert the gas to a liquid oil. Natural gas is very very clean so there is no need to spend a good amount of effort cleaning, cracking, or separating the gas. Natural gas is inexpensiveness, relatively easy to drill for, and the United States of America has A LOT of it! What would solve all our energy problems is if Shell could find away to convert natural gas into gasoline. Maybe someday.


The natural gas to synthetic motor oil has been proven, to the extent that BMW has ended its 20+ year relationship with Castrol, to provide them with oil. Any BMW older than 1014 would say Castrol on the oil filler cap. No more. The Pennzoil Euro Synthetic Motor Oil has an additive package that is above all of its competitors. At Peak Auto located next tot he Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64-w NC, we are recommending this new oil for use in all German vehicles with “Direct-Inject” fuel injection. If you do not know if your vehicle has direct inject, this fuel delivery system started in some BMW models in 2005 and was common in most BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mini in 2007 and forward. Direct inject allows an engine to create more power with the same amount of fuel by injecting the gas into directly into the cylinder just before the spark at a very high pressure. Direct inject engine are more fuel efficient, more expensive and complicated to make, and more expensive to maintain,but you do save a few cents at the pump.

BMW Twin Turbo Oil

Pennzoil Euro Synthetic

BMW Pennzoil Euro Full Synthetic oil change

BMW Euro Synthetic Oil by Pennzoil


Since Direct inject engines operate at a higher compression ration, at time of combustion, the combustion is bigger and puts more demand on the piston rings causing some exhaust to “blow-by” piston rings. This exhaust gets mixed with the engine oil and contaminates it. As the exhaust gas mixes with the oil it created sludge on the piston rings. This sludge causes the rings to stick to the piston and thus allowing more “blow-by” causing more sludge to build up, causing more blow-by. The engine oil needs to have better and more additives to combat the bad gasses. Most synthetic motor oils have a 25% additive package where as the new Pennzoil Euro synthetic has 35% of its volume in additives. The additive package in the Pennzoil Euro Synthetic motor oil specifically targets the sludge build-up on the piston rings preventing as well as fixing this build up. Yes, you can get your rings working again with regular oil changes using the new Pennzoil Euro Synthetic Motor oil. Call Peak Auto today for an appointment at 919-363-8989.


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