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Synthetic Oil

Since the late 1990’s German automobile manufacturers have been using and recommending Synthetic Motor oil to be used in their vehicles. Synthetic motor oils are fantastic for their lubrication qualities, durability, and flow rate at cold engine start-up. Synthetic motor oils are sold over the counter in a number of brands and quality grades. It can be very confusing to understand what type of oil is to used in your vehicle with so many options these days.

Synthetic oil change Cary NC

First of all the most important thing is that your vehicle gets an oil change on or before its manufacturers recommended service interval. It is also very important that the oil filter is replaced at this time as listed in your cars service manual. The filter must be of great quality and one of the down falls of the cheep oil lube shops is that that filters don’t filter. Time and time again , at Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall we remove customer’s oil filters that have been at a quick lube and see that they have fallen apart and or have holes in them. The other issue we come across is that the cheep oil filters the quick lubes use, do not come with new o-rings (seals) and they end up leaking oil after the oil change. So make sure you get a premium oil filter.


Synthetic Oil is made from base oil or now, can be made from natural gas. The issue with base oil is that it is dirty. Synthetic oil is synthetic, or synthesized, or created in a lab. Oil that is manipulated at a molecular level. The oil is broken down and specific sized molecules are chosen in order to make a smoother flowing oil. The single sized molecules is great for lubrication and pour rate, but not so good for attaching to additives. If we think of gasoline as being a generic product, then the difference between Shell gas or BP gas is the additives that are added. When it comes to Engine Oil’s it is similar in theory but not in actuality.


Each oil company has its own oil refineries and can refine oil differently. The additive packages however are much more important. Engine oil can itself last a very very long time, but the additives are what keep the oil from foaming-up, smoking, leaking, and keep the oil stable. The additives get consumed as we drive our cars, therefore we need to replenish the additives and the best way to do this is with an oil and filter change at Peak Auto in Apex NC.

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