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Peak Auto Face Mask

Free Peak Auto Face Mask with every visit. Just like our service, parts, and fluid, our face mask is of the highest quality. Washable, reusable and comfortable be assured we are doing our part to help stop the spread of the the Coronavirus.

During these trying time we all need to do our part to help solve this awful disease. Whether it is a political feeling one way or the other, we can agree that stopping the spread of Covid-19 is a world problem and we are in competition with other countries as to who can conquer this obstacle best and first. Free Peak Auto Face Mask

I find it strange that the virus has attacked certain contents worse that others. North America, South America, and Europe have been the hardest hit. When comparing to Egypt and most of Africa, my head itches. Scratching over the surface of propaganda I see one clear advantage the “poor” nations of Africa have over us. No indoor AC or Heat. Open windows! If our politicians could could stop fighting with each other for self promotional benefit for 24 hours, maybe they could come up with a better solution.

Open Windows not Open Borders:

Open Windows not open borders. I am the biggest fan of indoor climate control. I set my AC and Heat to 70 degrees year round. Most US office buildings do not have windows that will open. In Fact the tall ski-scrapes do not even have a heat system. They only have a cooling system. They rely of body heat, lights, and electrical appliances to warm the building.

Talk about stale dirty air! If you live or work in a building with non opening windows that’s a problem. If your building relies on body heat for warmth, that’s a problem. Clean heat is a premium. Delta Airlines was sewed years ago by the flight attendant. The subject of the lawsuit? Too much recycled air in the cabin to heat it at high altitudes. The flight attendants were complaining about getting sick all the time. After a few studies and from compiling flight records, it was discovered that more than 80% of the air was recycled.

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner claims not to use any recycled air in the fuselage/cabin. After long flights, passengers are awakened feeling fresher and more energetic. Can we learn form these two examples? Is the freshness of air important in combating the Coronavirus?

Cairo Egypt is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. All of Egypt has only suffered 6,000 deaths form Covid-19. A recent Canadian study claims that 97% of tourists visiting Egypt have contracted the disease. Is this because they stay in air conditioned hotels?

At Peak Auto we believe that your car might be the safest place. You can control your cabin temperature with AC or Heat. You can replace your cabin air filter. You can choose who enters your car and where you go. Make sure your car is service properly and always maintained.